About Motherhood And Mom Entrepreneurs

The top priority of my life is always my family and my business; as an entrepreneurial mother.

Here is my story. I am always being an enthusiastic person. I was so eager to get promotions that for availing that; I have attended almost every seminar and the classes that boost my career. I was really amazed that my classmates were all men and were around 40 years and I was the only girl of 20’s. I never lose courage and also worked hard to reach the top level of management.

My dream to reach at the top level and desire to make status in the corporate world was almost end when I had a baby girl, named Jackie. Like all the other mothers, my all priority is shifted towards my daughter and I wanted to give my most of time to her. My work and school were no more important to me, rather I was seeking for the opportunities to work from home and other part time jobs.

It was not really easy to manage both business and the motherhood. My baby has spent lot of her time in the daycare, while I was busy in doing the corporate business. I was at that time missing many other opportunities and I was realizing that my daughter is missing the best days of her childhood with her mother.

As a mother, I was concerning about my motherhood and was knowing that the childhood of my daughter will swan away in just a blink of my eyes. This fear was constantly hanging over my head. To overcome this fear; I started looking for the pat time jobs and I was lucky enough to find them. I worked as a full time worker till my daughter was of 12 years. Still that work has not given the security of being leaving the corporate world for managing my own business.

Fortunately; the entrepreneurial bug was introduced in 2002. This has supported me for having my own business. I am enjoying handling my business, as well as, able to schedule much time around every activity of my children. They are even allowed to work with me occasionally.

My Jackie is so happy with this business schedule and she has shared her happiness while we were having breakfast together. She is quite pleased with me as I have now time to give her pick and drop to the school and attending her important activities.

My hubby, Terry is now going to join me in my business, full time. His joining will support me to expand my business and we together will be able to manage more work. This is going to bring the major modification in our lives. My son Cole is only about three years and he has to spend three days a week in a daycare.

I and my hubby had a meeting last week and we decided to bring some changes in our schedule and decided that Terry will spend more time at home. We decided that we will take care of the Cole, our-self and will adjust the business in the remaining two days. We decided to repeat this schedule for the two years, until Cole will get admission in the kindergarten. We both understand that it is much better for our son and us to spend more time in the presence of each other.

As a mom entrepreneur; I have learnt many things and I always wanted to share these things with the world. My one of the colleagues had shared a very important saying with us; in a breakfast meeting of our business. He said that you are not listening, you never have listened and you are not listening it now.

Then he explained that how he has learnt that he was not listening to his own daughter. At his this comment; I was shaken and my heart was sinking. I had a first thought of my children. no doubt, I always wanted to spend more and more time with them; but yet, I was not finding time for doing so.

I was so much busy with my growing business that I had stopped listening to them. I had been very wrong with my children and was making myself a fool that I am working hard for them. At that day, I apologized to my daughter. I made several immediate changing in the schedules.

For instance; I talked with my daughter about earning the P.E. by ironing the star. I realized that my unavailability will make me loose how much, every day. Working mothers are always struggling for making their time out with their children. Although; it is very necessary to make the time most memorable while we are really present with our children.

Teamwork really matters. Open communication is the best mode which can help us in bringing our families close. I never feel afraid from asking the help from my family. I always share about my upcoming schedules with my family. Even if I have hectic week, I use to tell my family about what is happening in my life.

If this stress is temporary and my family can help me out in overcoming the stress, I always seek their help. They help me out in managing the things when I have to leave early for the breakfast meetings, as a team. Everyone knows their responsibility; my husband, for instance take care of Cole and drop him to the preschool when I am not available.

My family is quite understanding. They know I have to fulfill my commitment towards my business. I also understand the need of my family and that is why I hardly attend one breakfast meeting a week. I always communicate about what is going on in my business and seek their involvement in the business. We all work together and have been able to achieve success in both, business and the family life.

I hope this advice will help you out, as well. I am seeking to get your assistance as I want to compile my book “Mom Entrepreneur.” I will feel pleasure if you can provide your advice to other mom, as well as me, for improving the family life.

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Choose Life: My Mother’s Eulogy

My mother passed away in June 2006. We knew that she is suffering from a chronic illness and she will not live for a longer time, but still her death was a shock for all of us.

I would not be able to write this eulogy without the help of my brothers. They helped me in writing and I delivered it. I tried to maintain my self control and humor till the end. It is not easy to say final goodbyes. As I am an author I thought I would manage it, but this wasn’t easy. I almost lost myself while saying those final words to our mother from my brothers and myself.

At funeral, you always get to see some new friends and relatives which you have not seen in decades. When these people offer condolences, you don’t know how to react but obviously you should be polite to them. Sometimes this is hard to do because you have not seen them before. People change as the time passes. Sometimes I had to ask a trusted person about people whom I don’t know. At this time I try to hide my expressions.

We finally got through this hard time. After the funeral was over, we said goodbye to not only our mother but also to our relatives. We knew that we might see some of them in future but we won’t see many of them after the funeral. About ten years ago my father died and now my mother is also gone. The funeral reminds us that one day we will also be dead, so do whatever you wish to do when you have time in your hands.

Now I am writing a book again. This is my second book called sins and secrets. At this moment of release of my book, I am very happy and excited.

My Mother’s Eulogy

I welcome you all on behalf of all my family members. Today we have gathered here to say some final words of goodbye to our mother. My mother fought her illness for about thirty years. She stood firm and she fought like a pit bull. But now after long years of fighting, her soul rested in peace.

My mother never stopped thinking about her children. No matter what our age was, she took care of us at every moment of life. She gave us good food to eat, she saved us from colds or flu and she fulfilled our wishes.

My mother also took good care of my father. They looked good together and they enjoyed each other’s company. They were like best friends and they had spent a great time with each other. They use to dance with each other especially polka dance. We all had fun together as a family. We used to go to the local woods for rides. We also used to go to the forest to see the deer at sunset.

My mom’s planning always worked. Like once we were stuck overnight on an unmarked dirt road while spotting a deer. Dad was stuck down in a gully. That road was not for passenger traffic and we were stuck there until a men came to work there next morning. It was due to my mother’s planning which I will explain you in some time, that we all were safe and it was a bit scary but we had fun.

My mother trained me and my brother to go to the toilet. She trained us in the same manner. She used to come with us in the bathroom and when she had to flush, she shouted “rain, rain, rain” so that we don’t get scared. This was a very nice technique and it trained us till we became use to of it.

My mother was a very good singer. She loved music and singing. She also joined a singing group. All three of us hated country music but she liked it very much. On the Saturday night, the country music jubilee was always organized. I loved her singing.

Gardening was also a hobby of my mother. She liked to grow beautiful flowers as well as food items. The food reminds me of fried chicken made by my mother. Her chicken was even better then the Kentucky fried chicken. She loved cooking also. She cooked great amount of food for everyone. While cooking she used to taste the food so many times that at the meal time she was not able to eat much.

My mother also had great artistic abilities. This was most apparent on the day of Christmas when she decorated the trees and house. The best part of the Christmas decorations was the sculpted village at the bottom of the tree. To make frozen lakes she used mirrors, for showing miniature trees she used pine seedlings or crow’s feet. And for showing mountains and hills she used boxes and props and covered them with white sheets and cotton to give a snowy look. My brother learned this thing from my mother and he is continuing this tradition at his home.

My mother knew almost everything. She also knew hunting as she was the only girl in her family. She went to hunting with her brothers. My mother used to wear a red wool rich jacket and a hat with ear flaps. She looked very much like Floyd R. Turbo, American. He played a character on tonight’s show called Johnny Carson and he made silly comments on issues of the day. I called my mother Floyd R. Turbo, American because of the great resemblance. Sometimes I also called her ‘the great white huntress’. She was like a professional hunter and she has great hunting abilities.

As I told you that because of my mother we remained safe when we were stuck at the logging road, this was because of her preparedness. Every time when she went out, she packed the necessary things like foodstuffs, extra clothing, toaster, water etc.

My mother fulfilled her each and every responsibility. She not only gave us the necessities of life but she also gave us love and care which every child needs. Every night she would say good night, sweet dreams and I love you.

In the end I would like to say to my mother, good night, sweet dreams and we all love you.

How To Choose The Suitable Hair Loss Products

How to identify best hair loss products?

Baldness is very common nowadays. You can find a bald person near to you. You do not need to apply extra efforts in finding a bald person; he or she will be near to you. If you are also victimized by the baldness then it is very essential for you to know the basic reason of baldness.

Hair loss is a problem that occurs because deficiency of some essential elements for the body. Earlier, only men were victimized by the hair loss problem, but now it is equally affecting the women. And the amazing fact is that it is also affecting the children.

Hair loss problem is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the biological changes. More changes means that hair loss will be very frequent and you will be facing the baldness. The baldness can occur in you due to low hygiene, improper nutrition and various environmental situations etc.

It is quite true that one’s loss is others gain. See how it implies over the bald person.

There are numerous companies that are selling the products for preventing the hair loss problem. They are selling these products with 100% guarantee. But, if you think rationally, if their claims are true then there must be no one bald in the society. People know this fact, but still they are ready to give it a try.

This is the reason; these products are at hot selling demand. People are spending thousands of bucks in availing these products and they are getting zero percent success by using them. they sale their products by making a person bald by shaving over head and then showing natural growth of hairs and claim product has done this.

This is the only story for telling. You will encounter the same results if you have given a try to some of these products. So, if someone will ask you about any hair loss product, you will surely say that you cannot say anything for them, as, some products can work well for some persons and the others will get dumped from it.

Not all the hair loss products in the market are useless. In many cases, the correctly selected and used hair loss product have shown better results. You must know that hair loss problem is basically an illness which needs treatment.

So, it is necessary for you to visit the medial experts before giving try to the available hair loss products. Let the experts do their job and let them suggest the best hair loss product for you. By this way you can solve your hair loss problem, without taking any risk over your health.

It has been clinically proved that many of the hair loss victims have suffered from this problem due to insufficient and unhealthy diet. It causes deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the human body and thus results in causing irregular sleeps, sickness, hair loss problem etc.

So, if you are also having the improper diet than it means that you have deficiency of some essential vitamins and minerals. You can also guide your suffering friend that it is very special to improve diet, rather them relying over the hair loss products available in the market.

Many of you feel that if you will be giving a try to the herbal hair loss products, then it will be save and they will not cause any side effect. If you really believe over this, then you should acquire only those herbal hair loss prevention products that can stop your hair loss problem, as well as, help in restoring the dead hair follicles and it ensures the growth of the hairs.

It is better for you to know that sometimes these herbal remedies of hair loss can also become dangerous and results in causing side effects. So, it is always better to go to the medical experts, before using any product.

This is very special for the women to think rationally before applying the hair loss products. Women are so emotional and they get influenced with the ads and without asking medical experts, use these products. They must know that these products have many side effects. Some of the products can result in growing hair even over the upper lips and other parts of the body.

Precautions are very necessary to be taken, regardless of your gender. Only try those products that are recommended by the medical experts. Secondly, it is very important for you to know the major cause of your hair loss problem. This will facilitate you in helping yourself for getting rid of those problems that have caused hair loss problem in you. It will also prevent baldness.

If you really want to prevent your hairs, then you should abide by the following tips:

1. You must have complete knowledge and insight about the hair loss problem and way to stop it.

2. You should try to gain the ways for improving the lifespan of the hair cells and promoting the growth of hair follicles.

3. Thinning of the hairs and baldness can be due to several internal and external factors. This will have adverse effect over the health of your hairs. So you must have knowledge about it and scalp rejuvenation.

4. Many of the cosmetic products can harm your precious hairs, so you should be extremely careful before using any product. If you think that any of the products is harming your hairs then switch it immediately.

5. Do not give try to new brands, remember that old is gold.

6. You must know about your diet and your lifestyle. Adopt those styles that suit your hairs.

7. You must know about those ways through which you can enhance the long life of your hairs.

8. Sometimes, hair loss is genetic, so know it and find way to minimize it.

9. Women must also know that they can also get affected with the same problem and remain cautious.

10. Heart disease, stress and high blood pressure can also results in hair loss problem. Try to release your stress. This would be better for you.

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Save Money With Banking

Checking the bank statement every month has become reason for the headache. Almost every one of you find yourself lost in viewing the transactions you have made every month.

Seeing the current situation of accounts may frustrate you. But the time is not for getting depressed rather to do something. Take everything in your own hand and follow the tips given below.

1. Saving Money:

Save the money and make it your habit. This is something that must be done on the regular basis, in order to get the handsome amount in the end.

The current trend of economy is: the fewer earnings and more expenses on consumer goods. So in this scenario you must try to develop the habit of saving in your lifestyle, so to make your future secure.

2. Banking :

Saving the money is important but keeping them in the bank is the wiser act. You can put your money under the pillow or some other place at home. But what actually happens when you deposit it in the bank.

Firstly, it become secure and save there. Secondly, it becomes far from spending on your small unnecessary needs and finally, it earns you some interest over it and enhances your actual amount.

3. Banking Strategy for More Savings:

This means to strategically organize your money. You check your current status and make plans to improve your savings and try to find out some benefits from savings.

4. Savings Account:

The best way to save money is to invest it in the saving account. It gives you the interest if you maintain some certain amount as par their requirements. This stops you from making withdrawals.

But if you are so restless and make the money withdraw every time, try to hide your ATM card that let you make withdrawals. This will kill your eager to get the money out and make the money secure.

5. Long-Term Deposits:

If you feel that you have to keep the money in bank for longer period of time, try to opt for the certificates of deposits. It will keep your money secure for the longer time period and gives you higher returns over the actual amount.

You will also become unable to withdraw the money. If you will make the withdrawal the bank will charge you the penalty. This heavy fee will stops you from the withdrawal.

6. Features and Offers:

But before depositing your money with any bank, try to find each and every facility they are providing you. Also see what other banks are offering you. May be some bank will give you more interest rates and other may give you more security. Try to make your decision after the careful analysis of the market.

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Try These Simple Ideas To Save Money

This article will put light on some ideas for saving the money. This is especially for those who finds it difficult to save but indeed wants to save for securing the future financially.

Try to reduce the cost that you are making on magazines every year. It is found that most of the American families are fond of gathering different types of magazines. Each family member has different choice of magazine and it cost approximately $20 per magazine annually.

If there are five members in the family having five different choices for magazines it will cost $100 per annum to satisfy their wants.

It is better to get the information about sports, fashion, business, home, gardening and many more from the internet website free of cost rather than spending $100 on magazines per annum.

Always try to buy the consumable goods in bulk. Have you ever think that why warehouses and discount clubs can sell at very cheap prices? It is because they buy and sell in the bulk quantities. Thus they save approximately 10-15% of the cost. You can do in the similar way. Buy non-perishable items like canned goods, cleaners, kitchen towels etc. in bulk so to save money on it.

Eating out is becoming the trend in your daily life which was the matter of celebration on the special event. Eating out can shoot up the expense of your food budget by 40%. It means that you are spending approximately $40 on just eating outside weekly. If it is saved by dinning in homes, think how much you will be able to save.

But stopping yourself from eating out is not the solution. Rather you should plan your menu day ahead so that when you return from your job, you know what to cook.

Decide a day before that what you want to cook next day. Take the ingredients of that recipe out from freezer and place them in refrigerator. You will find everything ready to be cooked and defrost.

By following this way you can say $40 * 4X. This will not only save money for you but also make you able to plan a grand dinner on every special occasion.

The next thing in which you can save money is by cutting the expenses which you are currently paying to your dermatologist. You can make homemade skin care products even from the ingredients that are available in your own kitchen. The beautiful risk is guaranteed. Try the following things:

• For exfoliating the dry skin use the mixture of honey and oatmeal.

• For making your skin soft, use ginger seeped in bath.

• For softens the tired skin use cucumber and milk.

Look how easy to save money is, by just following the above mentioned points. Use your big ideas to make your future secure by saving today!

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Saving Money By Saving Coupons

It is a paradox that why people find it easy to spend money but difficult to save it. According to a research 80% of the people feel that they can easily spend their money in different things and feel that it is almost impossible to save money from what they are earning.

They even cannot save 10% of the money from their earnings. It is almost impossible for them to gather the hefty amount to be saved.

The key solution to the above mentioned problem, which currently almost every person facing is: they should know how to save from their daily expenses. Just cut the expenses down.

The main point is that take benefit from the discounts, sales and freebies items. The wise consumer always waits for such opportunities and avail it. This make him/her saves hundreds of dollars.

One of the good examples is the usage of coupons:

But the problem associated with this is that the people are less aware from it and feels that they can manage without utilizing it. This can save only negligible amount and forgets that gathering penny by penny you will get a dollar. Thus do not want to avail it.

For creating the awareness in the people and letting them know how these saving coupons can provide them benefits, some tips are given below:

1. Look for the right places:

If you are unaware about the availability of saving coupons, you can find it in the Sunday magazines and the newspaper. They provide excellent saving coupons.

Usually, companies offer these coupons to the consumers because they want to sell their products, at the same time facilitates the consumers and making them loyal. They use the papers to distribute the freebies.

2. Shop online:

You can also find the discount coupons on online shopping. Many of us do not even know that the saving coupons available on internet let us save more than that on newspapers.

For getting the online coupons all we need is to get registered there by opening the new account for online business.

3. Coupons are great money savers:

The best part of saving coupons is that it can let you decrease your expense up till 50%.

This will definitely helps you in saving the money. And those people who are still thinking that these coupons are useless are in vain. You can save tremendous amount at the end of month by availing the coupons.

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Learn How Your Mom Manage The Budget

Budgeting is the duty that is imposed on the most of the mothers in the family. Besides all other duties the finance allocation is mostly imposed on her. She has the ability to foresee the about the future and has instincts.

The main thing to consider is that how mothers can manage budget without using the difficult mathematical formulas and other tricks? The amazing answer is that she can do it by using common sense and ingenuity.

As a kid, we should see the cleverness our moms using in managing the budget and must learn from it. In later life it would be helpful in managing the budget for our households.

There are some tips through which we can learn:

1. Mothers are aware of the expenses. She knows that apart from grocery, housing, food, health insurance and clothing the money is spent on the child. She never wants to compromise on the money which is spending on her children.

2. She always does the close examination of the children care. For this she studies all the aspects like health, safety and education for her children.

3. For understanding the psychology of children more she fixes the time with the child care experts and for spending more time with her kids she takes day out from the job.

4. It is especially very difficult with working women. She has to take care of the house plus children as well as the job. For managing the two things at the same time she incorporates practical ways.

a. She wears the professional clothes rather than trend one.

b. Remain elegant and simple by using the basic colors.

c. She does the wash and wears clothes at home and save hefty amount of dry cleanings.

d. Do not wear accessories.

e. She does most of her work like cleaning, ironing etc. herself.

5. She always keeps a list of items to be bought so that she can remain with in her budget. She also does not have much time for roaming in the stores without purpose.

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