About Motherhood And Mom Entrepreneurs

The top priority of my life is always my family and my business; as an entrepreneurial mother.

Here is my story. I am always being an enthusiastic person. I was so eager to get promotions that for availing that; I have attended almost every seminar and the classes that boost my career. I was really amazed that my classmates were all men and were around 40 years and I was the only girl of 20’s. I never lose courage and also worked hard to reach the top level of management.

My dream to reach at the top level and desire to make status in the corporate world was almost end when I had a baby girl, named Jackie. Like all the other mothers, my all priority is shifted towards my daughter and I wanted to give my most of time to her. My work and school were no more important to me, rather I was seeking for the opportunities to work from home and other part time jobs.

It was not really easy to manage both business and the motherhood. My baby has spent lot of her time in the daycare, while I was busy in doing the corporate business. I was at that time missing many other opportunities and I was realizing that my daughter is missing the best days of her childhood with her mother.

As a mother, I was concerning about my motherhood and was knowing that the childhood of my daughter will swan away in just a blink of my eyes. This fear was constantly hanging over my head. To overcome this fear; I started looking for the pat time jobs and I was lucky enough to find them. I worked as a full time worker till my daughter was of 12 years. Still that work has not given the security of being leaving the corporate world for managing my own business.

Fortunately; the entrepreneurial bug was introduced in 2002. This has supported me for having my own business. I am enjoying handling my business, as well as, able to schedule much time around every activity of my children. They are even allowed to work with me occasionally.

My Jackie is so happy with this business schedule and she has shared her happiness while we were having breakfast together. She is quite pleased with me as I have now time to give her pick and drop to the school and attending her important activities.

My hubby, Terry is now going to join me in my business, full time. His joining will support me to expand my business and we together will be able to manage more work. This is going to bring the major modification in our lives. My son Cole is only about three years and he has to spend three days a week in a daycare.

I and my hubby had a meeting last week and we decided to bring some changes in our schedule and decided that Terry will spend more time at home. We decided that we will take care of the Cole, our-self and will adjust the business in the remaining two days. We decided to repeat this schedule for the two years, until Cole will get admission in the kindergarten. We both understand that it is much better for our son and us to spend more time in the presence of each other.

As a mom entrepreneur; I have learnt many things and I always wanted to share these things with the world. My one of the colleagues had shared a very important saying with us; in a breakfast meeting of our business. He said that you are not listening, you never have listened and you are not listening it now.

Then he explained that how he has learnt that he was not listening to his own daughter. At his this comment; I was shaken and my heart was sinking. I had a first thought of my children. no doubt, I always wanted to spend more and more time with them; but yet, I was not finding time for doing so.

I was so much busy with my growing business that I had stopped listening to them. I had been very wrong with my children and was making myself a fool that I am working hard for them. At that day, I apologized to my daughter. I made several immediate changing in the schedules.

For instance; I talked with my daughter about earning the P.E. by ironing the star. I realized that my unavailability will make me loose how much, every day. Working mothers are always struggling for making their time out with their children. Although; it is very necessary to make the time most memorable while we are really present with our children.

Teamwork really matters. Open communication is the best mode which can help us in bringing our families close. I never feel afraid from asking the help from my family. I always share about my upcoming schedules with my family. Even if I have hectic week, I use to tell my family about what is happening in my life.

If this stress is temporary and my family can help me out in overcoming the stress, I always seek their help. They help me out in managing the things when I have to leave early for the breakfast meetings, as a team. Everyone knows their responsibility; my husband, for instance take care of Cole and drop him to the preschool when I am not available.

My family is quite understanding. They know I have to fulfill my commitment towards my business. I also understand the need of my family and that is why I hardly attend one breakfast meeting a week. I always communicate about what is going on in my business and seek their involvement in the business. We all work together and have been able to achieve success in both, business and the family life.

I hope this advice will help you out, as well. I am seeking to get your assistance as I want to compile my book “Mom Entrepreneur.” I will feel pleasure if you can provide your advice to other mom, as well as me, for improving the family life.

Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving–and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity


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